Centre for Cultural Studies and Leisure Studies strengthens research

Dec 5, 2012

The Centre for Cultural Studies and Leisure Studies, as part of the Doctorate Programme in Cultural Studies – a joint venture between the University of Aveiro (UA) and the University of Minho (UM) – was created in order to stimulate the production and dissemination of scientific research in areas in which culture and leisure converge. A fruit of the partnership between UA, UM and the University of Fortaleza (Unifor), the Centre has been part of the Associación Iberoamericana de Estudios de Ocio (the Ibero-American Assocation of Leisure Studies) since its initiation. The Bilbao based Association is an international entity, which concentrates on this field of research.

Dr. Clerton Martins, a lecturer at Unifor, was involved in creating the group. He explains that, for the researchers, leisure studies are of great social importance, “once you consider the survival of human creativity, regardless of belief, economic status or race.” Dr. Martins also mentions that questions relating to leisure are strongly related to culture itself, as “according to some theories, culture originates as something structural, part of human nature – which, in this case, is the playfulness of human nature”.

In terms of research, one of the principal objectives of the Centre is the training of Portuguese-Brazilian teams, in which both senior and junior researchers can participate. This initiative aims to promote international mobility and knowledge exchange between researchers, students and teachers. Research is disseminated through publications and by creating evens such as the Third International Congress for Cultural Studies: Leisure, and Free Time in Contemporary Culture.