Otium stimulates research in Brazil

Jan 10, 2013

The Laboratory for Leisure, Work and Free Time Studies (Otium), in association with the Post-Graduate Programme in Psychology at the University of Fortaleza (Ceará-Brazil), was established in 2005. The current research which is being carried out through the laboratory tends to focus on two main issues: the leisure experience and the process of ageing in today’s society.

The laboratory’s co-ordinator, Dr. Fabiana Neiva Veloso, explains that despite the fact that the laboratory is linked to the post-graduate programme in Psychology, Otium is in fact a “multi-disciplinary laboratory, comprising researchers from diverse areas, but with shared scientific interests: researching the experience of leisure in contemporary society”.

Apart from research, Otium is also committed to organising seminars and meetings, in order to stimulate discussion. “In 2013, we will continue with all of these academic events. The next event is scheduled for May 2013, whereby two theses and two dissertations in progress will be defended, in addition to addresses given by guest lecturers, round table discussions and presentations of work which has been produced through the laboratory”, explains Dr. Veloso.

The Laboratory for Leisure, Work and Free Time Studies at the University of Fortaleza is one of the partners for the Third International Congress in Cultural Studies: Leisure and Free Time in Contemporary Cultures, which will take place at the University of Aveiro on the 28th and 29th of January, 2013.