Guest Choir: Voz Nua – chamber choir

Voz Nua is a mixed amateur chamber choir, which rehearses in the Department of Communications and Art at the University of Aveiro (UA), under the direction of Aoife Hiney, who is currently pursing her Doctorate in Music at UA.

The name, Voz Nua, is a combination of the Portuguese and Irish languages, representing the multi-cultural nature of the group.

In the Irish language, ‘nua’ is something which is new, fresh and pure, symbolising the contemporary repertoire which the choir prioritise, whilst ‘nua’ in Portuguese, meaning ‘naked’, refers to the predominantly unaccompanied repertoire which the choir performs.

The conductor, Aoife Hiney, holds a Masters in Music (Performance – Choral Conducting) from the University of Aveiro, an Honours Degree in Music Education from Trinity College, Dublin and a Graduate Diploma in Music Education from the Conservatory of Music and Drama (Dublin Institute of Technology). She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Music at the University of Aveiro.